Rhinoplasty, or nose reconstruction, is a surgical procedure that’s used to correct structural defects and change the size, shape or symmetry of the patient’s nose. Dr. Jay Fine is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Pembroke Pines, Florida, who has extensive experience performing rhinoplasty on patients aged 16 and older. Patients with a structural defect that makes it hard to breathe and those desiring a cosmetic change should call Dr. Fine for a rhinoplasty consultation.

Rhinoplasty Q & A

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty — plastic surgery performed on the patient’s nose — is a cosmetic procedure where Dr. Fine changes the shape or size of the patient’s nose. Rhinoplasty can:

  • Balance the size of the nose to with the size of the face
  • Adjust the width of the bridge
  • Change the size and position of the nostrils
  • Eliminate bumps or depression
  • Change the nose tip if it’s too large, drooping, or upturned

However, rhinoplasty is more than a “nose job.” This type of surgery is also used to fix structural defects in the nose, especially when an anatomic problem interferes with breathing. For example, rhinoplasty may be used to correct a deviated septum or following a nose injury.

No matter why patients need or desire rhinoplasty, Dr. Fine always focuses on form and function: A good-looking nose must function properly, and a nasal defect must be repaired so that their nose appears normal and natural.

Who can undergo rhinoplasty?

Women and men of any age can be considered for rhinoplasty, but the nose and facial structures must be fully developed. This means that the surgery usually isn’t performed before the age of 16 in girls and prior to age 18 in boys. If nose surgery is performed at a younger age, it can interfere with normal nose growth or cause it to develop unevenly.

Before getting nose surgery, patients need to have realistic expectations about how it will affect their appearance. Patients can view a collection of before-and-after photos from previous rhinoplasties Dr. Fine has performed to help them visualize how their new nose will look.

What happens during and after rhinoplasty?

The surgery generally takes one to three hours. Patients should expect to have some bruising and swelling at first, which is treated with cold packs. Most patients feel comfortable going out in public in about a week. However, full recovery takes two to four weeks and they should avoid strenuous activity during that time.

Patients generally will see results as soon as the swelling subsides and bandages are removed, but ongoing gradual changes may occur as the patient’s nose tissue continues to grow into its new contour. Dr. Fine offers state-of-the-art surgery plus old-fashioned patient care, which means that they can count on optimal results while having personal access to the doctor anytime they have questions.