If you’re considering a face-lift, patients may be interested to know that a majority of patients surveyed said they were still happy with the results nearly 13 years after the procedure. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Fine in Pembroke Pines, Florida, performs face-lifts that can achieve the same effect. If patients want to fight the effect of aging, tighten their facial skin and rejuvenate their appearance, schedule a consultation to discuss whether a face-lift will achieve these goals for you.

Facelift Q & A

What can be achieved with a face-lift?

Aging causes skin to become drier and thinner, lose its strength, elasticity and resilience, and lose its youthful fat. As a result, skin sags, and they may develop a double chin and deep wrinkles. A face-lift is surgery is designed to diminish these signs of aging in the face and neck.

Face-lift surgery rejuvenates the face by lifting and tightening the skin and underlying tissues of the cheek, jowl and neck to give patients a more youthful appearance. A face-lift eliminates excess skin and smooths wrinkles. When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Fine, a face-lift will help patients look younger and better, yet normal and natural.

Who can get a face-lift?

Dr. Fine considers performing face-lifts on patients around the age of 40 and up to any age as long as they are healthy. Patients will also have options as to the extent of their face-lift. A mini-facelift is less invasive but is limited to treating sagging jowls, loose neck skin, and fat under the chin, for example.

A face-lift does not change the shape of their eyelids, eyebrows, or forehead. If patients want to rejuvenate those features, they may consider having eyelid surgery, a brow lift, or a forehead lift at the same time as their face-lift. Patients can view Dr. Fine’s extensive photo gallery of completed face-lift surgeries in his office.

What should patients expect during and after surgery?

Since the goal is to rejuvenate their face, patients can be confident that the scar will be masked from view. To accomplish this, Dr. Fine generally places the incision behind the hairline or ear.

The surgery lasts about two hours and is performed in the outpatient clinic. Patients should expect to have a dressing on for three days. Most patients feel ready to go out into the community in a week to 10 days; patients can generally return to normal activities within two to three weeks. However, they may experience some bruising, swelling, tightness, and numbness for several weeks.

Dr. Fine provides extensive post-surgery instructions and is available to talk if patients have any questions or concerns. He will also talk about ongoing skin maintenance to maximize their restored appearance.