Dr. Fine offers the new IDEAL implant as well as saline and silicone gel implants. Each implant has pros and cons which will be discussed at consultation time, so patients can make an informed decision. Every patient considering a breast augmentation has a personal reason for wanting larger breasts. Dr. Jay Fine in Pembroke Pines, Florida, respects each person’s goal, discusses their concerns, then works with them to ensure that breast-augmentation surgery will achieve the results they desire. The doctor combines personal attention with medical expertise to perform breast augmentation that meets each patient’s expectations.

Breast Augmentation Q & A

What is achieved with breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is used to enlarge breast size by inserting a breast implant. Patients who want to change the shape of their breasts or improve drooping breasts need to consider a breast lift rather than an augmentation. For some patients, Dr. Fine may perform both procedures at the same time.

When Dr. Fine performs a breast augmentation, his goal is to help the patient enhance their natural proportions so that the patient’s breasts will look and feel normal. The patient must be happy with what they see in the mirror, so Dr. Fine will devotes considerable time discussing their personal goals and overall body shape.

Patients can view Dr. Fine’s extensive photo gallery of completed breast augmentations. Ultimately, the goal isn’t reaching a specific bra size; the outcome depends on their existing breast size and the volume of the implant.

What can patients expect during a breast augmentation?

Dr. Fine will outline the steps involved during a breast augmentation, so patients won’t have any questions about what to expect, but he generally prefers to follow certain protocols. While several types of breast implants are available, Dr. Fine almost always uses saline implants because they’re safer in the long term and provide results equal to any other implant on the market.

Dr. Fine will make the incisions in several locations that won’t be noticeable after surgery. Dr. Fine prefers a periareolar incision, which cuts around the areola or nipple, but he will consider incisions under the patient’s breast or in the armpit. Dr. Fine also prefers to place the implant under the patient’s chest muscle, rather than directly under the patient’s skin.

What is the recovery time following a breast augmentation procedure?

The surgery typically takes about an hour to complete, and it’s usually performed in the outpatient center. Dr. Fine will give the patient post-surgery instructions to follow and is available to talk should patients have any questions after they return home.

Patients should be able to walk around within a few hours after the procedure, but full recovery takes three to four weeks. For the first week, the patient will need to keep their elbows down at their sides and limit their activities. After that, the patient can begin to slowly resume normal activities, including bending, stretching and driving. By the end of three weeks, patients can expect to be back to normal.